21 Apr

Easy like Sunday morning…

blog_sleep2Sometimes Sunday mornings are the greatest… especially after a solid night’s sleep! There’s a brightness to the day when sleep is fulfilled, and as of recent times – since my sleep patterns have not been so great… I am fully aware of just how important getting sleep is.

Some of the benefits of catching zzz’s include:

Improves memory

Can add years to your life! (both literally and physically/aesthetically)

Helps relieve or prevent inflammation of muscles and joints

Sparks creativity and a new passion for the day ahead or life in general

Sharpens attention span

Helps with weight gain or loss

Helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression

Ways to enhance your chance of getting a good night’s sleep:

Drink less caffeine during the day, but especially at night before bed

Avoid eating dinner or snacking past a certain hour

Watch less scary or dramatic TV or media before bed

Give yourself the chance to unwind after a long day

Take a hot bath

Try to put your mind at ease by creating a dark and cozy sleep environment

Lavender under your pillow or a simple inhalation of the scent before bed sometimes help reset brain patterns and aids in relaxation

Repeat a mantra for peace and relaxation. This can also be an idea or notion you are working more on actualizing as truth in your life. This can be made up, or one that already exists that you can find in various meditation or yogic books.

**A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation

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