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08 Sep

thirty – one – derful


Happy New Year to all of those who are part of the Jewish tribe… Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year, and a chance to reflect back on the year behind you. Similar to this sentiment, birthdays are kind of the same way. Each year on my birthday, I always feel somewhat strange… it’s my day, people call or write to wish me well… it’s always an interesting day. Both warm and fuzzy, but introspective as well.

I was browsing in a bookstore today, when I came across and picked up this cute little book called “Each Year of Life: It’s Symbolism and Meaning” by Hans Korteweg. I ended up buying it for my step-father, who’s birthday is this weekend… and it goes through each year or number in life and writes a little blurb about where you are, what to expect, what might happen and how you might be feeling.

As this is my thirty first year of life, and I found that I could relate to what was written well, here’s what #31 was all about:

“31 is the year of the solution. The tension that has been building up for so long is now either released and transformed into something unique or buried in the deepest hole you can find. Whichever way, fundamental choices will be made.

The crisis isn’t totally over, but the sharpest edges are now softened.

This year, we can feel once more that life gives and takes, and that we are protected from all sides. There is room for thankfulness.

In these last few years, the heart, deeply wounded although few of us have realized it, has gradually been released from its painful captivity. Heart and mind have drawn closer together.

Although we often lose sight of the big picture, we have now learned to honor the small, and in so doing, we can climb out of the pit.”