26 Oct


blog_arrivalIn our lives, we theoretically arrive in many places. This can mean both physical arrival but also mental and emotional arrival. Some of us might feel like we never arrive, and we keep searching for answers while perhaps asking the wrong questions. Maybe it’s not about the answers or finding them… but it’s about the continuous exploration and the journey. Maybe in the end, it’s not about arriving at all.

After having spent two weeks in India, and having been being home now for about two weeks, I find myself searching for ways to articulate the experience. It’s hard to say how it all affected me, because I know it has and I know I feel different. When people ask, “How was your trip?” All I can say is, “Amazing”… because it was. How can I possibly describe the profound attention and intention of prayer, to the extreme poverty, and the mid day and night time deep chats with new friends… so so much it’s impossible to define. Everything in India is heightening… that’s the magic of it all. Truly it’s not about trying to make sense of it, but rather giving it the time and space to work its way in organically. As each day passes, I accept that it’s not about making sense of an experience that is simply indescribable, but the process itself.

If I allow myself to pause and remember while in the midst of my busy New York life, it’s all there… fresh in my memory and quite visceral as the experience was. The great questions we feel should be answered are all a part of this process and instead of intellectualizing it all, it’s about letting the seeds that were planted grow.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope to see you soon in class.


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