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30 Jul


blog_kittensHi Everyone!

These adorable little kittens are in serious need of a home! We have been feeding them for the last week and they are growing stronger and less timid as we approach them. I would be happy to help in getting them wherever they need to be, and helping find the best place to take them for their shots, etc. Please message me if you or anyone that you know would like to adopt one of these cuties!


19 Jul

The Perfect Storm

blog_theperfectstorm1Did anybody get caught in the rainstorm yesterday? I did, and it was amazing… Those that watched it from a window said how fierce it was, but walking in it while shuffling onto the next place in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan was different. Feeling the thunder rock the streets of NYC, and continuing onward anyway and not caring that I was soaked, felt empowering.

When the weather pours in, literally, life proceeds in a different way. For that one moment or length of the storm we all take pause to recognize the shift – either hoping the heat will break, thanking the fact that we’re not caught up in it or simply recognizing nature’s beauty.

Have you ever encountered “the perfect storm” in your life? Be it with your emotions, your job, your relationship? When emotions take over and things pour out one way or another, that’s when shift occurs. It gets to that point where what you’ve been doing is no longer working, and you must go through the process in order to find change.

For the last several days in my own life, I have had a version of my own perfect storm. There was nothing that changed so severely, but realizations that surfaced that I needed to observe. For the last week or so, I have been processing and processing and trying to come to some sort of sound decision so that a shift could take place. As I slept on it, (or lost sleep on it rather), talked it out with trusted friends and family, the clouds faded and my heavy quality seemed to lift. Like a perfect storm, it’s literally like the sky broke open in my own heart and poured out into clearer skies. It felt cleansing and eye opening both at once.

It makes you stop to think for a moment, it really is all about perception. Is the storm a drag? Is it preventing you from going and doing something? Is it just a natural part of how things happen when shifts (either in weather or in perspective) need to occur?

Food for thought. Happy almost weekend.

19 Jul

Summer yoga playlist

Do you ever get sick of the music you are listening to? It’s always nice to switch it up. See below for my newest yoga mix. Enjoy!

Loud and Clear – Gregor Samsa
Destined for Great Things – The Assassination of Jesse James
Chilled Cream – Blank & Jones
Love in Tangiers – One Cool Fossil
Narayana – Masood Ali Khan
Fuse Box – Monsoon Wedding Soundtrack
Voice – DJ Prez
Bustelo – Ratatat
Ante Tus Ojos – Federico Aubele
Cinderella – Hooverphonic
Belle – Jack Johnson
After the Storm – Mumford & Sons
Where is My Mind – It’s Kind of a Funny Story
Goodbye – Lost in Translation Soundtrack
Give Up the Ghost – Radiohead
Green Arrow – Yo La Tenga
Opus 37 – Dustin O’Halloran
Dark Temple Revisited – Tibetan Gongs