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13 Feb

A Healthy Way to Enjoy Valentine’s Day

blog_healthyvalentines1Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and although in my opinion, it’s just another day… some of us might make it mean different things. Like any other Hallmark holiday, we often reflect on where we are in our lives, the good, the bad, what we wish we had… or didn’t have.

How about looking at it from a different angle? What DO you have to be grateful for on this Valentine’s Day? What do you have going for you that makes you feel GOOD? Instead of harping on the bad, or focusing on what you don’t have… try flipping the coin and acknowledging all that you do have. Positive thinking is a huge step in changing things around. The power of a positive mind can do wonders for you.

On another healthy note… with this time of love, flowers and reflection comes CANDY… and sweets! Try these healthier ways to fill your sweet cravings this year!

1. Chocolate! The cocoa in chocolate contains heart-healthy antioxidants that can help lower blood pressure! Instead of the alternatives like Valentine’s heart candy with messages or sweet tarts… try chocolate!

2. Dark Chocolate! If you’re steering clear of the more sugary options and towards chocolate, you might as well go for dark chocolate. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the better!

3. Nuts! Dark chocolate with nuts tends to offer the best benefits when it comes to heart health. Skip chocolates filled with creams and other sugary flavored substances and go for almondy, nutty delights. (If you’re not allergic, of course!)

4. Control the portion! Know your limits… if you are having chocolate, limit your intake to one or two pieces max! Moderation is key!

5. Combine fruits and chocolate! For desserts that are good for your heart and just the right amount of sweet to fulfill your sweet tooth… try melting dark chocolate and drizzling it over strawberries and other favorite fruits. It’s a delicious alternative!

Here’s to a day of love… most importantly the love you have for yourself!


01 Feb

Yoga Playlist 1.31.12

blog_newplaylistLatest in the rotation:

Window – The Album Leaf
Back Home – Fast Asleep – Funki Porcini
Concept 1 – Kodomo
Red-Eye – The Album Leaf
Edge Hill – Groove Armada
The Forgotten People – Thievery Corporation
Monday – Ulrich Schnauss
Views from the Real World – A Setting Sun
Boatfriend – Black Moth Super Rainbow
Beyond this Moment – Patrick O’Hearn
Ruglen Holon – Aphex Twin
Wrong Floor – Drive Soundtrack
He Had a Good Time – Drive Soundtrack
My Name On A Car – Drive Soundtrack
On the Beach – Drive Soundtrack

Happy Listening… :)