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13 Apr

Yoga and Wellness

Why is yoga so good?

It seems that yoga has reached new heights in the world of health and fitness these days. People are practicing more, and learning the benefits along the way. It’s the type of practice that speaks for itself, to every individual that experiences it.

When I first started practicing yoga, I was working full-time in the fashion industry. Life was chaotic, days were stressful, and I really never allowed myself the time to slow it all down. I was on autopilot from one thing to the next, and as soon as one task was complete, I was already thinking of what the next thing was. It was only when I found my yoga practice that my views started to shift, and the chronic pains I had experienced for what seemed like years started disappearing. I found myself rearranging my schedule to get to the next class, and it became a priority since every time I left I felt the noticeable change.

Yoga can work for many different types of bodies, many different stages in life and for each person’s many different moods. While some might enjoy a vigorous Vinyasa flow, others might benefit and require a more gentle practice with the usage of props or a restorative practice. Most importantly, each different type of yoga is effective in; increasing flexibility over time, hydration of the joints, ligaments and tendons, helps to massage all of the internal organs of the body, detoxification and toning of the muscles. It also greatly decreases stress levels, enables us to become more aware of our breathing in each moment and helps with sleep.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I have had great success with clients who have dealt with chronic pain for years – and after practicing yoga on a consistent basis, the pain that was felt, was simply not there in the way that it was. We all have our holding patterns, and of course life will throw you curve balls every now then, so when those times occur, some old chronic stuff might reappear, as is the usual case when stress is current. However, I can honestly say that yoga strengthens the body, but the mind as well. And for an overall greater feeling of well-being, I urge you to try it out. It can become your zen in this concrete jungle we all live in. The metropolis on NYC. So great, so hectic and so in need of some downward facing dog!

Namaste people.