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19 Dec

Updated teaching schedule as of 12/19/10

7-8pm, Essential Therapy, Vinyasa flow open to all levels

8-9:15pm, Good Yoga, Vinyasa flow mixed with juicy Restorative

7-8am, Good Yoga, Vinyasa flow
1:30-2:30pm, New York Yoga, Hot Vinyasa flow

10:15-11:30am, Sangha Yoga Shala

11:35-12:50am, New York Yoga, Vinyasa flow open to all levels
6:30-7:45pm, Good Yoga, Restorative yoga

04 Dec

Be mod.

blog_bemodTo quote my favorite acupuncturist Aimee Raupp, “Be Mod” is a term used to describe being moderate… and taking all things in moderation. A term that can and should be applied to the decisions we make when it comes to the food that we put into our bodies, the various choices we make on a daily basis, and basically everything we do in life.

I read this article the other day on Elephant Journal – which is an online blog dedicated to Yoga, Sustainability, Politics and Spirituality. I get the Facebook feed directly on my page, so there are constantly interesting articles posted.

The article attached to this post is quite refreshing. In the yoga world, there is a lot of stipulation around Vegetarianism and/or Veganism. Some would say that in order to reach the next level of enlightenment, one can never eat meat or flesh, as this is harmful to the animal you are eating, and therefore a step outside of the yoga Yama, Ahimsa. Ahimsa = Non-violence. Not harming other people or other sentient beings. Not harming onesself. Not harming the environment. Tolerance even for that which we dislike. Not speaking that which, even though truthful, would injure others.

I can say from personal experience, that I have tried being Vegan, and after my month stint of eating only grains and veggies… I was feeling weak, hungry, agitated and unfulfilled! It wasn’t working for me… and I was craving eggs and fish. I generally do carry a vegetarian diet… eating fish and eggs, but I cut chicken out of my diet a long time ago, after seeing the movie Food Inc., a movie that if you haven’t seen yet – wait no longer and cue it up on Net Flix today! That movie seriously changed my life… and it will change yours too. Ignorance is not bliss people… we are what we eat! Grass-fed beef, every once in a while does my body good as well.

I digress… getting back to my main point – the article written on Elephant Journal was written by a respected yogi, explaining that she does yoga, and she eats meat! Big shocker… but if we, who eat meat, are unable to become enlightened, or get just as much out of our spiritual practices than fellow yogis, vegans out there – then who is she? And who am I? I think it’s so important to listen to what your body needs. After all, isn’t that what we teach in our yoga classes? Listen to YOUR body, YOUR breath… allow YOUR breath to move YOU through each pose… Skip the Vinyasa if that’s what is good for YOUR body… same should apply to our diet as well, if you ask me. We are all different, and require different things for daily nutrition. Not everyone can function on a no meat, only veggies and soy diet, which by the way, soy is soy soy bad for you as well, if not eaten in EXTREME moderation!

Send me your thoughts on the topic, if you can relate and or feel differently! I’m interested in hearing all different points of view.

04 Dec

Monday Night Yoga

blog_mondaynightyogaHi Yoga Friends,

My sister Shira and I, will be teaching yoga classes every week on Monday at 7pm. We will switch on and off each week – so if you attend regularly you will experience both of our individual teaching styles! Both certified at Sonic Yoga, NYC, we teach Vinyasa based classes open to any level of Yoga experience.

Fear not, that if you decide one Monday that it is THE MONDAY that you will delve into your yoga practice, you can be assured that we will be there to offer and share our yoga with you. And don’t be intimidated by what seem like the crazy, bendy yoga postures… there is a pose and comfort level for everyone, and we aim to find that for each person.


TIME: Every Monday, 7-8pm

LOCATION: Essential Therapy located on East 25th street between Park and Lexington, Ground Floor.

RSVP: to reserve your spot!

**It’s $10, which is to help us provide the lovely space that we practice in.

**Please bring a mat if you have one, otherwise there are some available for us to use.

**Also, please feel free to bring friends! Just let us know who’s coming so we can make sure we reserve your place… as it does fill up quickly!

Yay Yoga! Hope to see you there!