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27 Nov

Reflections on a Saturday.

blog_refonsatmornI just spent the last 45 minutes going through old contacts… my old Rolodex, from my old career/world in the fashion industry. It’s so unbelievable to me that after years of building a contact base and keeping track of all of these “important” records, it all seems to unimportant now. In fact, I would have absolutely no need for any kind of contact with any of my contact list from then, now! Talk about perspective… and how things that are SOOO important in one moment mean absolutely nothing in another moment. I felt a sense of liberation in a way. Liberation – not that I was bound by any means to those contacts… but rather, the realization that things have changed, and I was aware of and appreciating all that change quite acutely in that moment.

We read all the time, or some of us do, about how life and our reality is our perception of it all. How true that is! But with that being said, it is also interesting to recognize that back when I was still collecting fashion contacts, they were appropriate for the time I was in. It’s relative because now, of course, they don’t tie into my current life… but when they did, they were very apropos to where I was.

After all that sorting, I decided to keep some of the contacts anyway, just in case I ever decide to work on a fashion side project… ya never know when and if you’ll need them – so I made sure to tie those in… Dotting all my I’s and crossing those T’s, clearly. 😉