Monthly Archives: October 2010

27 Oct

Quiet moments

blog_QuietGood morning,

As of late, there have been a lot of quiet moments in my life. I have found that I’m alone, contemplating the silence and trying not to feel like the last person on earth! It’s moments like these, because they are greatly needed, that keep us going. To much of my incomprehension at the current time, they help us through the crazier times when all we want to do is stop and find stillness. But yet, I still struggle with the silence… which might because the thoughts in my head are loud, and is also something I’m still working on managing. Managing my thoughts… is this even possible? Eckhart Tolle seems to think that it is, and with all of the reading I’ve been doing on the topic lately, I am slightly convinced… But this human aspect of all things, the inability to find internal peace and quiet, is kind of getting in the way.

In any case, here I am. It’s silent right now. I can hear the refrigerator generator going on, and going off… oh boy. It’s a rainy day too, perhaps that has something to do with my mood. In these moments of silence, I look for the benefits of the still and the slow. I try to remind myself that these are the moments I crave when they are nonexistent.

Along with the quiet in the room, I aim to find the quiet in my mind. I’ll keep you posted.

25 Oct

Quiet Alertness

blog_DarknessMy latest read is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. I came across this book as I was browsing in a gift shop one day, and just picked it up as it seemed appropriate to my current focus in life, and the theme in which I’m trying to keep constant. Staying present. I’m halfway through, and I have to say, it has definitely had an effect on my way of thinking.

There are so many various ways we can be reminded of not only how important it is to stay present in our lives… but how hard it is to stay present in our everyday lives. Tolle’s book and teachings offer a very interesting approach to finding the present moment as we continue to live and function as our Selves. He suggests we take a backseat to our minds, and watch our thoughts as they pass by, like clouds in the sky. Instead of identifying with all that our mind tells us from moment to moment, listen to the thoughts, without labeling them or judging them, and see about finding themes, reoccuring illusions – ex: the thoughts that our minds create for us… the thoughts that aren’t necessarily reality, but feel like our reality.

Clearly, very complex, it’s hard to explain in detail all that Tolle is offering, but I do recommend reading this book if you are interested in delving a bit deeper into how you can find your own truth in the present moment… and further to that, without being constantly burdened by the past, or fascinated with the extreme vague possibilites of all that the future can or will bring. We cannot let our pasts live on in us and sabotage what our present lives can bring. We also cannot function by living in the future, that which keeps us keeping on and hoping for the bigger and better things to come, because that, too, has its own way of sabotaging what we can wholly get from the present.

On a slightly different note, last night, we saw a new Off-Broadway show called Play Dead . This show was an attempt to spook you and keep you on your toes, while incorporating magic and complete darkness in some moments as part of the production. Interestingly enough, usually situations like these leave me sitting totally on the edge of my seat and in the complete state of uneasiness and discomfort. In these recent times that I’ve been available to access the present moment on a greater level than ever before, and the ability to practice quiet alertness while fully being present in the darkness, allowed my heightened senses to keep me attune and more at ease, even in the darkness. I could feel what was going on around me even though I couldn’t see it… so instead of being caught completely off guard in the spookiness, I was immersed in the spookiness and therefore not scared of it. It was pretty cool, actually… It was a fun show to see, entertaining for sure, and a nice intro to Halloween week!