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27 Apr

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

blog_grizzlybearThis song transports me to another place. The first time I heard it, I knew I loved it. It makes me think of deep love… burning, yearning, endless, hopeless love…

* Please watch the video with your eyes closed! (that’s a half joke). But seriously — if you can listen to words without watching the video… it might make a difference. :) I have no idea why they would have ever recorded such a creepy video with lyrics that can make you feel such emotion.

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear Lyrics

Save up all the days
A routine malaise
Just like yesterday
I told you I would stay

Would you always
Maybe sometimes
Make it easy
Take your time

Think of all the ways
Momentary phase
Just like yesterday
I told you I would stay

Every time you try
Quarter half the mile
Just like yesterday
I told you I would stay

Would you always
Maybe sometimes
Make it easy
Take your time

27 Apr

Prenatal Massage Certification

waitingI’ve never really given pregnancy and childbirth a second thought in my life up until recently. With age, comes the natural evolution of growing up and creating families of our own. I see it with my friends, some of whom have children – one, if not two already. I do believe that there is a certain time in our lives when our bodies physically become more ready for childbearing. I believe the shift if subtle, and while our maternal instinct is kicking in, our desire to have children, be a mother and create another becomes more apparent. Maybe this isn’t for everyone, but I do feel it within myself, and those who I have talked about it with seem to agree.

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking a prenatal certification for massage with Linda Hickey and associates, of Carole Osborne’s Prenatal & Perinatal Massage Training I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of childbirth, but after learning all about the actual process of being pregnant, I feel I have a much greater understanding of what it feels like for a woman, having never given birth myself. A woman, with child, is a different kind of woman. They are no longer living for themselves when they are growing a baby. It’s an odd concept, because once you actually do give birth and become a mother, then you are no longer living for yourself anyway – but I think it’s different when there is another being inside you. After learning more about the process, being along side mothers-to-be is a great honor, and both massage and yoga can be truly beneficial during the process.

Benefits of prenatal massage and yoga:

*Reduces stress levels
*Eases back and foot pain caused by changes in posture
*Reduces swelling of feet and ankles
*Improves skin elasticity, reducing stretch marks
*Improves sleep
*Improves digestion
*Relaxes and soothes baby
*Reduces pelvic pain
** Plus MUCH, much more.

I am now a prenatal massage specialist, and I feel proud to have this certification under my belt. I also just want to give great thanks to my own mother who birthed me and has been an amazing mother since day one. Love you Mom!

16 Apr

“America’s Oldest Workers” – Downward Dog at age 91!

Can you believe that someone at the age of 91 is still fully practicing yoga, almost next door to NYC in White Plains, NY??? There is something to this yoga lifestyle… I am telling you.

I read this article – America’s Oldest Workers and it was extremely inspiring… but also just another reminder as to why practicing yoga maintains our vitality and life force, and carries us through longer and stronger.

As a frame of reference…. I am lucky enough to still have grandparents that are around. My grandfather is an amazing human being, and I have been blessed to have him a part of all my years of life thus far. Unfortunately though, at the age of 93, his body is not as it once was. He is in a state of physical pain the majority of the time, if not all the time… he can’t really walk anymore, and he has lost his voice due to a mass on his throat that is unremovable, due to his age. In any case, he is a major storyteller, and without his voice, he is lost. It is very sad… and I cherish each and every moment I get to spend with him still. His wife, my grandmother, is 83, a ripe ten years younger than him, and still energetic and thankfully not in pain. And my other grandmother, who is 93 as well is in a home now… and she, too, is unable to really walk anymore, while living an existence of dialysis 3x per week and also residing in an old age home. It’s sad to watch life unfold and come around in the full circle in that, when we are born, we need to be cared for, as we haven’t learned to care for ourselves yet… and when we become old and are unable to care for ourselves anymore, we once again are in the hands of others.

With all this being said – seeing an article about this woman, Tao Porchon-Lynch, 91 years YOUNG and vital, vibrant and resplendent was an inspiration.


15 Apr

blog_healthymixThe Healthy Mix is my sister’s website…. who is in the process of becoming a Certified Health Counselor. Watching her through her own transformation of diet and lifestyle has been inspiring… and you should all check her out.

She is available to give health advice for clients that are interested… and she has a wealth of knowledge that she can share with you – tailored specifically to your needs and concerns.

Healthy eating is an overall state of being that requires a lifestyle adjustment and the conscious effort to produce change. Body = Mind = Peace of Mind, Body and Spirit. It’s not just about the food that you put into your body, but how you live your life on a daily basis! If you look at the word “healthy”, “HEAL” is a part of that word, and healthy eating is healing yourself and your body with the foods that you eat.

How’s that for some food for thought for the day. :)

15 Apr

The 365 Heart Project

blog_heart1Hey folks,

I came across a little project that a friend has put together. It’s really darling, and I actually find myself looking forward to seeing the “heart” felt post of the day. It’s called “The 365 Heart Project” and it’s a different testimonial each day from another person about what their heart beats for… essentially. Check it out….. I’m sure we can all relate in one way or another!

Have a lovely day.

15 Apr

Yummy Hummus Recipe

Check out this recipe for creamy, yummy hummus that tastes even better than what you can get at the store! MMMMMMM. You can find it on The Toby Show along with many other other delicious recipes!

Creamy Hummus

1 15 oz can of organic chickpeas
1/4 cup organic tahini (I might up it to 1/3 cup next time)
Juice from 1 lemon
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1/2 tsp sea salt
1-2 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp water

Drain and rinse the chickpeas and set aside.

Combine the tahini and the lemon juice and blend until smooth and frothy. (This is the key to getting it creamy). You have to combine these 2 ingredients first, essentially cream the tahini, or it won’t blend perfectly with the chickpeas.

(*Note: You should use whichever appliance you have at home that you feel is best suited for this).

Add the garlic and salt and blend again.

Add in the chickpeas about 1/3 of the can at a time and blend until smooth. Once you’ve got all the chickpeas blended in, add the olive oil and turn on the blender and leave it for a few minutes. You can add a little water too, to get the consistency as you like it.

Thank you to the Toby Show for this delicious recipe… and Enjoy!

15 Apr

Good Yoga Schedule

Class Schedule:

Wednesday’s – 12 noon

Friday’s – 6:30pm

The first class is FREE! Come and try it out, the studio is an amazing space to practice in. Just click on the “Good Yoga” link below to be directed to website, and see below for address.

Good Yoga
73 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Studio: 718 554.3968 ยท Office: 718 690.3603

09 Apr


I have a new found inspiration for focus, and my set intention for this time frame, however long it lasts, is to focus. Focus on taking one task at a time. Focus on listening more fully, hearing more clearly, breathing more deeply, listening to what my body needs, not what my mind tells me it needs.

It’s not about where you are, what you are wearing, what you are doing. It comes from within. It’s you, us, each on an individual level that has to bring the focus inwards and bring the awareness of focus to that internal level. No one, and no outside force can do it for us.

Remember to walk slower, breath deeper, eat better and slower, finish things that you start. Focus. Focus. Focus. Take the pace of life down for a little while. Only good things can come from it.