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24 Jan

Today’s Daily OM: Unveiling your Path

DailyOm is a great website that sends you free daily horoscopes… I wanted to share today’s OM, as it seems to be the running theme in my life right now.

Unveiling Your Path
Gemini Daily Horoscope

The desire to create a more meaningful life can drive you to step back from worldly concerns in order to make a mental survey of the recesses of your soul today. You may also be in a contemplative mood and ready to confront issues you have avoided for long stretches of time. In the peace of your private personal sanctuary, you’ll likely discover that your search for meaning involves an exploration of your inner complexities that takes you into the past, present, and future. If you allow yourself to follow the twisting paths of your soul, you can encounter significance where you least expected to find it. As you contemplate your life today, you will likely discover that the meaning you seek has been within you all along.

It is only when we actively seek to understand the composition of our lives that we can begin to truly comprehend the experiences that give meaning to our existence. Often, we expect life to be meaningful as a matter of course and encounter disappointment when we discover that life-changing events seems to progress in a haphazard fashion. Reflection is the act of thinking critically about that which has happened to you, is happening to you, and will happen to you. When you examine events in a analytical fashion, you begin to see that there your life follows a linear and logical progression. As you assess where you have been, your path is unveiled. When you reflect upon who you are and who you wish to become today, your personal journey will take on a new significance.

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23 Jan

New Union Square Location

blog_mapPlease note that I now have a space for massage in the Union Square area on East 11th Street, in addition to my other two locations.

For those of you that live downtown or closer to that area, let me know and we can set up an appointment. I will be sending out a newsletter as well with this update, but just thought if you were checking.. you’d be able to see it first. :)

My current office spaces are now:

Upper West Side – West 78th Street

Union Square area – East 11th Street

Williamsburg, Brooklyn – North 8th Street

Hope you are having a splendid weekend.

23 Jan

Meditative transition

I am in between week 1 and week 2 of my yoga teacher training. The first week was extremely intense, mixed with many new things… feelings of anticipation, excitement, frustration and questions. Feeling many emotions at once, which isn’t so new to me. :)
There is no question in my mind that yoga is the next thing I need to have regularly incorporated into my life. So much of what we discuss on the daily is everything that I live… but now I am learning about the ancient scriptures and practices that seem to fit right into this thought process and way of life. Yoga is much more than just a physical act.
Thus far, the most challenging aspect for me is the meditation. It strikes me as ironic, because I do consider myself to be introspective. I do go inwards. I suppose this is also considered modern day self-awareness… But meditation – the act of sitting and being. Wow. Practically impossible for me at this point. The idea of sitting and being with my mind produces anxiety in and of itself. Those times where I know we are going to “have” to practice the art of meditation during the training stresses me out. All of which is leading me towards knowing that because this is so difficult for me, I must learn how to do it.
Yesterday, we learned the concept of Mauna. My received definition: basically not talking either right at the start of the day, or at some point in the day. Being consciously quiet, and more inwards. Official definition: Observing silence as a spiritual practice is called “mauna” in Sanskrit. The aim of mauna is to quieten the mind and prepare it for introspection and meditation.

Read more at Suite101: Mauna – The Path of Silence: Observing Silence as a Spiritual Practice

For me, this is a hard concept to grasp. The first thing I do every single morning is check my iPhone email, which is waiting for me right next to my bed fully charged and ready to bust out all the emails I am eagerly checking for. Most of the time it’s just coupons or forwards or newsletters… some of which I care about, and some not. But the point is, it fills this instant, sort of empty, gratification that I now realize simply doesn’t need to be a part of my morning. Especially the first thing in my morning! So… this morning, even though my phone is still charging next to my bed (this is going to change – effective immediately) – I got up, went upstairs into my office/massage studio and sat. I closed my eyes, and breathed. I watched the thoughts pass through my mind. I went off on tangents in my head, but then was amazingly able to come back to the point of focus. I sat for 15 minutes without even realizing! We have also learned a mantra that seemingly works for me. So. Hum. I am. What is. Isn’t that the truth afterall? I am, what is. And in this time of learning how to meditate, to truly stop and slow the mind down consciously, I remain where I am, and wherever or whatever that may be, is what is. Namaste.

11 Jan

A website. My business has a new home.

blog_buddhaThank you all for visiting my site, and welcome. I am overwhelmed with excitement to get this ball rolling. Not only is a website a good way to legitimize a business and clarify a purpose or intention — it’s also a good way to communicate with my clients and keep people on top of the progress I’m making as a practitioner of healing arts.

I will try to update as regularly as possible — sharing experiences, suggestions, and ideas. I am open to your ideas as well, so please feel free to write me, comment, and share with us all.

10 Jan

Yoga Certification in Jan/Feb

blog_sonic2I’m very excited to be taking on a new area of study… Starting January 18th I will be participating in a Yoga Teacher Training Course at Sonic Yoga. Yoga, like massage, enables me to be fully present during my practice. It helps me with introspection and invigorates me. I have decided to pursue yoga to explore both the physical and mental aspects of my own body on a deeper level, as well as inspire and invigorate others.

More news to follow once I’m certified to offer private yoga sessions and yoga classes.

09 Jan

Gluten-free Living

blog_foodsMy sister has recently taken the gluten-free path in life. After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in May of 2007, she tested out several different ways of getting her condition under control. She experimented and adhered to Western medicine during the whole process, but was still not feeling satisfied or settled. Consequently, she began her quest to find the workable diet for her, and has been documenting her experience thus far on her blog The Healthy Mix. Some interesting tidbits on there, as well as fantastic recommendations and recipes for you to try out yourself. Check it out!